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What do we offer to the visitors of “BUSINESS-INFORM 2012” EXPO


“BUSINESS-INFORM 2012” exhibition is to be held at June 6 – 8 2012 in Moscow (location - Hall 57 at All-Russia Expo center). The event is announced as International exhibition of office and computer equipment, consumables and supplies, software and informational support of modern office.

We offer to the visitors:

  1. An opportunity to look at and get acquainted with the new models of modern office equipment, new types of consumables and supplies at a place well-known in Russia and everywhere in the world. The exhibition grounds are well-positioned at easy-to-reach place, equipped up to the modern standards. The professional stuff has enough experience in organizing this sort of activity, making this place the one which suits the needs of international exhibition the best possible way.
  2. A possibility to gain one-on-one access to key decision makers of well-known suppliers of office equipment, consumables and software.
  3. A chance to get a new vision on market development in free discussions. The program of the exhibition is planned to have a serial of special reports on marketing research, technical and technological solutions in all segments of office equipment market in Russia as well as world-wide. All those present would have an opportunity to receive answers to their questions from the leading experts, to exchange views on possible solutions of present day market situations, to get knowledge of other people experience and show yours.
  4. Free subscription for Business Inform information agency publications and useful gifts. Every year the agency publish eight catalogues/buyers guides for printers, copiers, multifunctional devices and consumables with a total run of 750000 copies. All visitors – specialists of Moscow and St.Petersburg state organizations will have a possibility to sign for free subscription of all catalogues of the agency for the year 2012 (and with the preliminary registration on the exhibition website www.sforp.ru – a possibility to obtain for free all catalogues published to the opening date of the exhibition at the entrance to the exhibition). All visitors would be able to have individual login and a password for free access to all sections of our site www.sforp.ru (including pay ones).

Please, watch for updates www.sforp.ru!!!

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