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Why Do We Organize BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 Exhibition

Business-Inform 2012 ExhibitionFor the last decade in Russia there was no exhibition of office hard- and software, consumables and office supplies which represented the market as a whole. Some segments of this big market picture have been presented separately by various events (for example such shows as SKREPKA, REKLAMA, PaperWorld, Photoforum etc), but they could present the general market situation only partially. Information agency Business-Inform always worked in close cooperation with all these shows, advertizing them in our publications, making reports, news issues, and marketing reviews. Beginning from the year 2008, the Agency actively participate in various conferences, seminars, forums on technical and informational support for large private and state-owned enterprises in a document flow field, and from the year 2010, we started to arrange such events by ourselves. Besides, our specialists write materials for document study programs for the students of state colleges and universities, paying special attention to such topics as Technical Support of Document Flow and Informational Support of Document Flow. Our research of demand for technical and software support of modern offices shows that the need for it is quite substantial and grows constantly from both sides: companies-end users (the buyers) and selling companies.  The growth of run for catalogues for printers, copiers, multifunctional devices and consumables to the figure of c. 100,000 200,000 copies indirectly proves it. Lately more and more specialists of companies-end users contact us for information of printing devices and consumables to them, and selling companies just in the year 2011 have bought 1.300 installations of Consumables databases.

At the same we cant say the booths of office equipments and consumables distributors and resellers on the exhibitions held lately were overcrowded. A certain number of shows started to move from exhibition centers to more modest, unpretentious, sometimes even inconvenient (but for sure cheaper) places. Of course, the decrease of visitors activity has its objective grounds.  Today Internet gives to both parties: buyers and sellers an access to the visual information. The corruptive nature of deals (the kick-backs) also added to the lack of interest showed by the purchasing specialists to the exhibitions. But there were also some subjective points. Sometimes, the organizers being jammed by financial difficulties were trying to make their shows profitable by any means, forgetting that an exhibition is not only a renting of the place in square meters to those whom they called into the event. The organization of any exhibition means at least two more lines of activity: one is a work with potential visitors, studying their informational demands, their preferences, the readiness to dialogue not only at the booths of the exhibitioners, but also in a broader sense of a word in mass discussions (for instance at the round table), the other is building up a base of potential visitors, assorted by their interests, preparation for each group different proposals and surprises. It is also very important to prepare in time a review of final results of the exhibition (interesting reports, proposals, extracts from discussions etc) and distributing these materials among interested customers (targeted users of this information). Of course it means additional spending. But without it, making only an announcement by advertizing in mass media, organizers take risk to turn an event into just a meeting point to people who know each other quite well without it. Because in this case the largest part of visitors is being invited by the exhibitors themselves. Whom else can they invite? A boring experience!

Information agency Business-Inform value the friendly relationship, which we have with organizers of various Russian exhibitions, conferences, and forums, and we are expressing our readiness to develop these good ties further on.  But we also sure that in present day situation to stick to usual informational sponsorship is not enough. The Agency approached organizers of several exhibitions in Moscow with a proposal to broaden a circle of informational support on commercial basis.  For this purpose we proposed to use all means prepared by the Agency, i.e. databases on Russian and foreign vendors (there are database for 7300 Russian companies only!), on specialist in a office equipment purchasing field (more than 30.000 persons), widely-spread catalogues of office equipment  and supplies, various conferences and seminars (in 2012 40), special Internet resources. Alas! In 2010-2011 not even one of our proposals was accepted. And all of them were considered as our try for profiteering. That is why we decided to ask our business partners and companies affiliated with Business Inform with the words: - Lets make it! And make it the proper way!

Now the decision to make the exhibition has been already taken! It will take place June 6 -8 2012 in Moscow in Pavilion 57 of All-Russia Exhibition Center. The show is being announced as International Exhibition of office and computer equipment, consumables and supplies, software and informational support of modern office. It is rather wide area of activity, isnt it? Why? Because we consider it to be very important not to cut the number of those who wish to participate, with the tight regulation. We would like to see this show not to be one time event, but rather an all-year round club, in which Business-Inform could be a place of a meeting of all participants with their potential business-partners. We see this event as an open rostrum for free discussion of news, market needs. It should be a place where everyone could express everything, what he (she) consider to be right, and be sure that his (her) words would be heard. We see it as a tool, which should make it possible not only present and discuss products, projects, and events, but also to influence the market situation.

We are in a position to firmly confirm to all who will decide to participate in the exhibition that we use all our resources to attract visitors (we speak about specialists representing resellers and purchasing specialists of companies-end-users as well), that it will be a fair Fair (without group interest support),  that in after-show time we plan to put considerable effort to distribute the results (interesting reports, proposals,  extracts from seminars etc) among those who would express their interest for this kind of materials, regardless of their presence on the exhibition.

For sure we will make up a package of informational materials and would propose it to every visitor for use in everyday work. We will try to do everything to make a visitor of Business-Inform 2012 our friend, to let him have an opportunity to cooperate with us and with all participants of this show in the future.

We clearly understand that for Information agency Business-Inform to organize such exhibition-club is a very difficult task, even taken in consideration participation of our business-partners, affiliated companies and government services, which are our customers. That is why we very much rely on your support! We are open to any discussions, connected with organizing and holding of the show. We would be glad to cooperate with the organizers of other exhibitions, governmental services, commercial companies, mass media, and any other good men who are professionals in this field. If you have ideas, proposals, advices write to us or call! We will meet and discuss!

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