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The International Exhibition BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 is over.


During the three summer days (from 6th to 8th of June) All-Russia Exhibition Centre (pavilion 57) in Moscow hosted the International Office Equipment, Supplies and Corresponding Materials Exhibition namely BUSINESS-INFORM 2012. The organizer was an informational agency BUSINESS-INFORM (www.sforp.ru). About 80 companies from Russia, China, US, Japan, Germany, Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Lithuania and Armenia participated in the Expo (sforp.ru/BI2012eng/participants.htm). The majority of participants were from China (42 companies) and from Russia (24 companies). US, Germany and Korea were represented by three companies each. The exhibition was visited by more than 1400 industry experts. It should be noted that along with the bosses of Russian resellers-companies (more than 40% of visitors) the exhibition attracted the professionals of Russian buyers-companies (more than 15% of visitors). The majority of visitors came from different Russian provinces. There were also guests from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Estonia and Moldova.

The visitors showed great interest in the First International Conference BUSINESS-INFORM 2012, which took place during the Expo in the Conference Hall of the 57 Pavillion (sforp.ru/BI2012eng/list.htm). During the conference the representatives of the leading aftermarket supplies industry companies exchanged views on the current problems of manufacturing and marketing of goods on Global and Russian markets, evaluated the main market tendencies, and shared their forecasts. All 17 reports were attended by more than 500 experts. Most of them used their chance not only to listen to the leading specialists but also to discuss the subjects with speakers.

It might be interesting to hear the opinion about the exhibition given by one of the participants (S. Zubkov Jr., UMACS (St. Petersburg)): In my humble unprofessional opinion the exhibition was quite a successful event. There is evidence to this in the words of Katun representative whom I met at the Scheremetievo airport. He said that during the exhibition his company managed to conclude around 50 agreements. At the same time the number of cards collected by Integral company totals around 70 pieces, and that is an impressive result as well. However there were some problems, namely in the communication field. It remained a mystery for me, how the majority of the Chinese companies, who neither asked for the interpreter, nor brought their own, managed to communicate. Taking into consideration the relatively low command of English language for the majority of our fellow citizens, it must be noted that majority of the Chinese representatives cant speak that language at all. But anyway it seems that the communication was nevertheless successful. Also it must be said that some participants decorated their booths with a extremely creative approach. Patron, Chernil.Net, General Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd., Unit-Orgtekhnika.

According to the majority of participants and visitors of BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 the communicative events (expos, conferences, seminars) is gaining more and more importance in Russia. Only the constant providing of information by the industry players, open discussion of novelties, tendencies and problems would allow the Russian Market to be up-to-date, and to react appropriately to the appearance of perspective technical and technological solutions on the market. Due to that some of the participants confirmed their participation in the Second World Conference BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 (Moscow, September 18-20, International Expo Center Crocus Expo), as well as in the International Office Equipment, Supplies and Corresponding Materials Exhibition BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 (Moscow, May 2013).

The exhibition ended ion 8th of June, but it continues to works!

The web-page for BUSINESS-INFORM agency hosts a virtual Expo BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 (sforp.ru/BI2012eng/floor_map.htm). By clicking on any booth presented on the map you can enter the virtual booth of a participant-company. Right now in each of the virtual booths you can find contacts, short product-description. Each day new photos are being uploaded made during the expo. Each participant can present his own announcement or advertising, commercial offer, presentation. This way companies that took part in BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 are encouraged to continue the exchanged with the visitors.

The publishing of the brochure BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW with the exhibition results is in process. Not only the most interesting reports (made during the exhibition) will be included, but a lot of interesting information from the industry specialists as well. The brochure will be published in Russian (10.000 pcs.) and in English (5.000 pcs.) in September 2012. The number of copies printed in English will be presented on Chinese and European expos during the second half of 2012 beginning of 2013. The Organizers believe that this brochure would in time become a calling card of the Expo and would attract leading companies to taking part in future BUSINESS-INFORM expos.

The exhibition ended ion 8th of June, but it continues to works! The preparations for the Second World Conference BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 (Moscow, September 18-20, International Expo Center Crocus Expo) already began. The Conference would be held as a part of Skrepka Expo which will be held in autumn, and which is BUSINESS-INFORM informational partner. The organizers experts from BUSINESS-INFORM agency are planning to attract the representatives of the leading companies from the industry of office equipment, supplies and corresponding materials. They believe that the BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 conference would become a logical successor of the Expo. It is during this event that a final brochure BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW will be presented, and the exact dates of the Third International Conference BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 (March 2013) will be announced, as well as the dates for BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 (May 2013) expo.

BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 continues!

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More than 300 photos made during International Expo BUSINESS-INFORM 2012, can be found here: fotki.yandex.ru/users/business-inform2012/album/228607/

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