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BUSINESS-INFORM Review Magazine (Issue #35, 2022), 

News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies 

Information Agency Business-Inform web-site displays a new issue of the quarterly magazine, BUSINESS-INFORM Review (issue #35, 2022). The magazine readers are the specialists in the field of the office printing devices, supplies, and parts.

More than 30 articles have been published in the magazines main sections: Global Industry Leaders, Russian Market News, Marketing, Information Security and Environmental Safety, Office Equipment and Printing Technology, Printing Supplies and Aftermarket.

In the Global Industry Leaders section there is a published article by HYB HYB The HongHu that Dares to Soar, interview with Kim Lee (HYB Toner) HYB Toner Continues to Expand Its Range of High Quality Products, as well as an interview with Jan Hagemann (INTEGRAL GmbH) Predicated On World Events, Not Interfering, We Are Very Optimistic For Our Companys Business And Success In The Market.

In the Russian Market News section there are interviews with Alexey Belikov (CUHDO Ltd.) The Russian Market Will Overcome New Issues, Igor Chelebaev (LEKOM Ltd.) LEKOM Ltd. Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary and Mikhail Pushkarskiy (Osnovnoy Postavshchik Ltd.) The Bet On Service Always to Be a Winning One, as well as AQCMS press-releases The Russian Market of Printing Devices and Supplies 2022: New Realities, Tendencies, and Perspectives,  The Actual Issues of Cybersecurity in the Field of Office Printing, New Brands of Printing Devices Model Ranges, Perspectives, Testing and Quality Evaluation.

In the Marketing section we have placed articles by Graham Galliford Digging Deeper into Inkjet's Market Share and Mark Davis (Keypoint Intelligence) Small But Mighty, as well as a number of short-notes dedicated towards the forecasts on the development of printing in 2022.

The Information Security and Environmental Safety section contains the article by Volker Kappius (Delacamp AG) VA, or No-VA, That Was the Question, David Gibbons (RT Media) EU Commission Rejects Imaging Equipment Agreement, Malinskiy Stanislav (Russian University of Transport) The Vulnerabilities of Printing Devices Carry a Potential Threat towards the Security of an Organization, Louella Fernandes (Quocirca) Escalating cyberattacks drive zero trust adoption, as well as a number of short-notes dedicated towards the forecasts of cybersecurity industry development.

In the Office Equipment and Printing Technology section there is an article published, called New Applications for Wide-Format Printers, as well as short-notes dedicated to new Canon and Epson printers.

 In the Printing Supplies and Aftermarket section there are articles published by Tricia Judge (Intl ITC) HP Releases More Diabolical Firmware Updates, Clover Imaging Group The Important Difference Between Reuse and Recycling And Why it Matters and HYB Toner HYBs Branding Month Celebration.

Especially for international specialists, several articles dedicated to the Russian and International markets have been presented in English (see English Pages section). 

The digital version of the magazine can be found on Business-Inform agencys web-site

The printed version can be ordered starting from the 1st of July, at the Business-Inform distribution department (www.sforp.ru, email: bizinform@list.ru, tel. +7 495 988-6146, Moscow, Barabanniy Lane, 4 (building 6)), Moscow specialists can purchase the magazine in RMS company shop (https://ramis.ru/, +7 495 542-5098, Moscow, Medoviy lane, 4 (building 5)).


New Issues of Cybersecurity in Office Printing

   Moscow, May 26, 2022. Russian University of Transport (MIIT) hosted the international theoretical and practical conference, Intelligent Transport Systems.

            On 26th of May, this year, Russian University of Transport (MIIT) hosted the international theoretical and practical conference, Intelligent Transport Systems. During the conference the reports from leading Russian and International specialists the developers of modern intelligent systems for solving various transportation tasks were presented. Within the Conference section The Security of Intelligent Transport Systems two reports were presented by the head of Business-Inform Group, Stanislav Malinskiy:

    The Zero Trust Security Concept the Principles and Practice of Implementation 

The report analyzes the changes within the landscape cybersecurity threats in the condition of COVID-19 pandemic and sanctions. It reviews the downsides of perimeter protection policy and substantiates the necessity of shifting cybersecurity departments of the Russian organizations towards the Zero Trust policy, while describing in detail the principles of such policy and possible issues in its implementation as well as corresponding solutions.


     The Vulnerabilities of Printing Devices Require Fast Removal 

The report analyzes the threats to cybersecurity of organizations caused by the vulnerabilities of printing devices. The results of successful attacks were demonstrated, the possible hacker-threats and their consequences were evaluated. The report reviews the most dangerous vulnerabilities of the modern printing devices by various global brands. Offered are the recommendations for timely removal of known vulnerabilities.

                On May 31st, within the framework of AQCMS and Information Agency Business-Inform Conference on the topic called New Requirements towards the Cybersecurity of Office Printing Systems within the Conditions of Sanctions, the head of Business-Inform Group, Stanislav Malinskiy, will present those reports together with a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities of all global printing devices from Global brands installed in the Russian organizations. A special attention will be paid towards the issues of cybersecurity of office printing devices occurring due to periodic updates of devices firmware by their manufacturers.


The Russian Market of Printing Devices and Supplies: the Issues of Information Security and Environmental Safety

Moscow, May 24, 2022  Information Agency Business-Inform and the Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers held the Conference dedicated to the issues of the information security and environmental safety for the office printing systems.

The Information Agency Business-Inform and the Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) held the Conference, on May 24th this year, The Russian Market of Printing Devices and Supplies: the Issues of Information Security and Environmental Safety. During the Conference the main issues of information security and environmental safety, the growth of their urgency in the conditions of the Western sanctions, and possible solutions of those issues in 2022-2023 were presented. The Conference was held in hybrid-format (physical presence and on-line). The Conference saw participation by the representatives of 168 Russian businesses and organizations.

During the Conference 2 reports were heard:

       The Issues of the Information Security and Environmental Safety on the Russian Market and their Solution for 2022-2023 (speaker Stanislav Malinskiy, Russian University of  Transport)

The Report Theses: The economic and political sanctions are changing the Russian market; new requirements towards the information security and environmental safety in organizing the supply of printing devices and consumables for 2022-2023; new requirements towards the suppliers; the Zero Trust policy and its implementation in Russian organizations and industrial businesses; the vulnerabilities of printing devices, their definition and removal; passive and active methods of protection and the legislative limitations on their use; new requirements towards the IT-outsourcing in modern conditions.

       Organizing the Supplying of Quality Compatible Cartridges: Recommended Suppliers and Brands, Supplying Volumes, Product Quality Evaluation (speaker Alina Savinova, Business-Inform Group)

The Report Theses: The evaluation of cartridge quality: recommended methods and accredited labs; 2019-2022 tests and their results; recommended brands the volumes of planned supplying and the recommended suppliers; the solution to the issues of organizing, payment and delivery of quality cartridges and toners in 2022-2023; sanction restrictions and prohibitions will not prevent the provision of the Russian organizations and industrial businesses with printing devices and supplies.

The participants of the Conference discussed together with the speakers the provided information, the perspectives of supplying of printing devices and corresponding quality consumables on the Russian market. A special attention by the Conference participants was paid towards the companies recommended as suppliers for 2022-2023.

As a nice surprise for all the Conference participants came the new issue of BUSINESS-INFORM Review magazine (issue #34, 2022) and its appendix Testing and Quality (April 2022).

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