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FOCUS on QUALITY Conference
(15 May 2018)

Time Speaker
The Name of the Report  
10.3010.50 Malinskiy Stanislav
The Russian Market of Printing Supplies – Main Tendencies and Perspectives. The Accent on Human Factor

11.0011.35 Belikov Evgeny (RMS, Russia) Toner Market in Crisis Conditions

11.4512.20 Blinov Andrey
Overview of  STATIC CONTROL New Technologies

12.3013.05 Khazankin Sergei
(VTT, Russia)
Combining What Cannot Be Combined. Laser Refills and Compatibles, from Strife to Synergy

13.1513.50 Kappius Volker
(DELACAMP, Germany)
Clones  versus  Remanufactured

14.0014.35 Samoshkin Alexey
(CET Group Russia)
СЕТ, The Aspects of Success

14.4515.30 Emine Tonta
(IPM Toner, Turkey)
IPM TONER KYOCERA MOON, HP MOON and STAR3 series - development trends of high-quality consumables industry of universal toner

15.4516.30 Knak Peter
( IMEX EU Trading SRL, Spain)
New Generation Toners

16.4517.30 Hagemann Tania
(INTEGRAL, Germany)
Quality Wins… Always


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